There is a relationship between a culture and its plant environment, within which the herbalist plays a pivotal role. Herbalism is more than knowledge about healing plants, it is the experience and wisdom that comes from the relationship between humanity and plants.
The natural environment   of Greece  famous worldwide for the beautiful islands,  is hiding a real treasure. The huge variety plant wealth, which Greece has. The group of ACHS college invited us to discover the tools of herbal medicine. The correct timing and the method gathering herbs, the use of the plants, distillation & essential oil production is very important knowledge for the Herbalist.
Ancient Greek medicine is inextricably linked with herbs.
Famous medicinal plants of Greece  but unknown to the general public for their healing properties are the cornerstone and the protagonists of the documentary series titled:
Sarantabotano - FORTY HERBS
The title is derived from omonymous poem (Mantinada) and mentions forty herbs with the local name, you need to pick up someone to healed from the pains and passions.
the therapeutic properties of plants such as Mint, Nettle, Melissa, Wicker etc, well known plants of the Greek countryside and how to use them in the modern era is the theme of the series.
episode one

On the island of Syros, a great natural  herbalgarden  of the Aegean Sea and the legendary Cyclades, the camera follows a group of American herbalists of natural medicine from ACHS college with their students and  teaching  us the way of harvesting herbs, the distillation proccess of essential oils, the manufacture of tincture and other medicines from herbs. During the seminar analyzed and presented to us the healing properties of six major Greek flora herbs such as Helichrysun italicum - common Immortal.
episode two

Meetings with practitioners of natural medicine. 
A herbalist harvests on Olympos mountain the herb Equisetum, a herb shop in the town, a pharmacist in her small cosmetic workshop, a cosmetic  laboratory
and distillery place in Peloponese,a Professor the nursery of the agricultural university  . Finally a major conference in Athens from World Federation of apiculture on Apitherapy synergy of aromatic plants with the products of the hive of bees and their research treatment level.
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