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Our liquid herbal extracts are made with great pride using only the best quality wild crafted herbs in small batches to ensure you always get the freshest botanical plant extract possible. The unique multiple extractions process used to produce our extracts assure you receive the most potent herbal extract available as it retains virtually all of the phyto-medicinal and nutritive elements.
The genus Cistus includes many typical species of Mediterranean flora; Cistus species are used as antidiarrheics, as general remedies for treatment of various skin diseases in folk medicine and as anti-inflammatory agents. These species contain flavonoids that are considered to be chain-breaking antioxidants. In this work, we have investigated the effects of crude aqueous extracts from Cistus incanus and Cistus monspeliensis on DNA cleavage and their free-radical scavenging capacity. In addition, their effect on lipid peroxidation in rat liver microsomes was evaluated. These extracts showed a protective effect on DNA cleavage and a dose-dependent free-radical scavenging capacity; Cistus monspeliensis was more active than Cistus incanus; these results were confirmed by a significant inhibition of lipid peroxidation in rat liver microsomes. The experimental evidence, therefore, suggests that because of their antioxidant activity these extracts may offer excellent photoprotection for skin and may be useful in the treatment of human diseases where oxidative stress plays a key role.
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