Cistus incanus proline
by DonkeyislanD
Pink cistus incanus flower
Cistus incanus tea
Cistus tea
150gr €15.00 
300gr €25.00 
900gr €60.00    

The most unique feature of this plant is its richness of polyphenols whose extraordinary abundance in the Pink Rockrose has popularized it as a valuable food supplement used in teas, taken alone and even incorporate in boutique health foods where its age old reputation of supporting the immune system and therefore assisting naturally with reisistance to and recovery from common colds and flu. Pink Rockrose polyphenols contain large proportions of the now famous ‘Proanthenols’.

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Cistus essential oil
Traditionally has been used as a skin rejuvenator, treating infected wounds, skin ulcers, bronchitis, coughs, colds and1 flu, as a fumigant when infectious illness is around, as an ambient aroma to facilitate meditation. May be helpful during convalescence or when suffering from nervous exhaustion...
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cistus extract
Cistus extract 
50ml €20.00
100ml €35.00 EUR  
Cistus has the highest polyphenol content of any herb growing in Europe, with free-radical scavenging capacity as well as high antioxidant activity...
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Cistus incanus incence resin
100gr €54.50 
In order to we collect the labdanum from plant, we use a ladanesterio, a manufacture by timber that above we have tied up her plastic leads. Striking these leads on to plant, plastic gathers the "sweat of" seces. This sweat when congeal and it becomes black...
We sell all around the world. Buy now easily Rockrose tea bag in vacuum  and discover the nice taste of fresh pure leaves of Cistus incanus.
We harvest every year wild plants from our own private property.
Antiaging facial oil
Cistushope lotion
your daily face nutrition
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Cistus Hydrosol
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