Pink Rockrose tea
Rockrose tea
your daily suplement
Rockrose tea
The most unique feature of this plant is its richness of polyphenols whose extraordinary abundance in the
Pink Rockrose has popularized it as a valuable food supplement used in teas, taken alone and even
incorporate in boutique health foods where its age old reputation of supporting the immune system and
therefore assisting naturally with reisistance to and recovery from common colds and flu. Pink Rockrose
polyphenols contain large proportions of the now famous ‘Proanthenols’.

What are Polyphenols?

Certain plant compounds containing groups of ‘phenols’ and which also contain certain antioxidant
characteristics. They are very powerful antioxidants, present in several different botanicals. Polyphenols
are now known to be the called the ‘Vitamins of the 21st Century’. Some of them are referred to ‘OPC’s’,
‘Proanthenols’, Proanthocynanidis’. Super-antioxidants, also known as proanthocyanidins, pycnogenols, or
OPCs, fit into this category. Research indicates that a class of polyphenols has antioxidant characteristics
with potential health benefits. Like vitamins, they play a central part in our health

Where else do you find Polyphenols?

Polyphenols can be found in fruit, vegetables, red wine, green tea but the highest concentration of
Polyphenols is only found in the CISTUS INCANUS.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants is a word frequently used in the media but does anyone really know what it is? Here is a
simple, illustrated definition that while based on science is not in the usual scientific terminology that few
of us understand.
Antioxidants are a classification of several organic substances, period. Antioxidants are substances that
protect cells from being damaged by oxidation which is a chemical reaction. Antioxidants can help the
body protect itself against free radicals.
Benefits of Cistus Incanus / Polyphenols

Cistus Incanus tea has the age old reputation for supporting the immune system. Giving our immune system an enourmous boost as a food supplement. They support the body-own defense and immune system.
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Pink Rockrose tea bag
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